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Don't play hungry... or thirsty! Play. Eat. Drink. Most importantly, have fun!

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You won’t go hungry at our game cafe! We recommend our buffalo chicken dip — it’s housemade and a local favorite.

Snacks and Shareables

  • Rich and creamy spinach dip with artichokes, cheese, and enough chips to share

  • Cheesy melted chicken dip served up buffalo style with plenty to share

  • A classic Mediterranean garlic hummus topped with paprika and high quality olive oil. Or try it sun dried tomato style!


  • Our cheesesteak is a crowd favorite loaded with quality seasoned beef, onions, bell peppers, and melty cheese all topped with our house made Sideboard Sauce!

  • A southern classic cheese blend with pimento peppers. Ask to spice it up with sliced jalapenos!

  • Lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayo, and turkey on a sandwich piled high! An iconic sandwich done right. Served on your choice of white or wheat in two sizes: pawn (regular) or King (huge). Add Cheese for $1!

Sandwiches includes your choice of side. You can also add bacon to any sandwich for $1!

Kids Menu

  • A delicious grilled cheese sandwich with just the right amount of gooey cheese. Served with a choice of chips.

  • A small mug with 4 crispy nuggets served with your choice of sauces and a bag of chips


  • $5.50

    A simple cheese quesadilla served with tortilla chips and sour cream. Add chicken ($2.50) and salsa ($1.50) to bring it all together just right!

  • Crispy chicken bites served with choice of ranch, chipotle mayo, or honey mustard dipping sauce

  • $3, $5

    An all American beef or veggie hot dog served with your choice of toppings. Comes in a standard size or jumbo dog size.

  • Perfect for those who love a good chicken nugget, sans chicken!

  • A side portion of classic creamy caesar salad with shredded parmesan cheese and garlic croutons – you can’t go wrong! Add Grilled Chicken for $1.50


  • Eight bite sized churros dusted in a lovely blend of cinnamon and sugar served with a healthy helping of cream cheese icing

  • toasted marshmallows and chocolate chips warmed and served with graham crackers for dipping

  • A gooey brownie warmed up and topped with caramel, chocolate syrup, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

** V: Vegan  MP: Multiplayer – Portion sizes available from 1-4 players **

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We take special pride in the curation of our tap list!
We always carry a rotating group of Wilmington classics PLUS our six 6 staples that never leave!
  • A West Coast IPA with notes of citrus, mango, and pineapple to the nose. Pouring a pale gold color, there are notes of pine, resin, and malt with a lingering bitterness to the finish.

  • This unique Wheat Ale is light-bodied with wheat malt character. The fruit characters to shine through with a slightly tart easy drinking finish. At 5% ABV, this beer drinks easy, and is pleasantly refreshing

  • This 5.1% Cream Ale is the perfect summer ripper. Made with real tangerine and vanilla bean, no extracts or concentrate, this beer is bound to hit the spot!

  • Who doesn’t love a good cider? Dry, crisp and refreshing; like biting into the perfect apple. This simple and classic staple can always be counted on for a sweet and satisfying sip.

  • Broomtail’s famously delicious series of slightly sour, slightly salty, low bittering, session beers. Always finishing with a burst of various fruits. From Watermelon to Guava, they never miss for a sweet and sour delivery.

  • A rotating selection of the finest honey meads in the United States! Meads carry the weight of wine with the sweetness of honey. Every mead we feature has a unique character to discover and enjoy!

In the mood for something finer? Explore our selection of Wine!


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Need a jolt of caffeine to score the win? All of our coffee drinks are fresh, bold, and made to order.

Coffee & Such