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Don't play hungry... or thirsty! Play. Eat. Drink. Most importantly, have fun!

You won’t go hungry at our game cafe! We recommend our original Waffled Mac & Cheese — it’s housemade and a local favorite.



  • Black Forest bacon, fresh basil, sliced tomatoes, sliced avocado, mayo, toasted sourdough or whole wheat (vegan option available with tempeh bacon & vegan mayo)

  • Roasted chicken, tart apples, mayo, tarragon, toasted sourdough or whole wheat

  • White bean & basil hummus, spinach, toasted sourdough or whole wheat

Hot Pressed

  • Black Forest ham, gruyere, baby spinach, cranberry mustard, sourdough or whole wheat

  • Smoked turkey, Swiss, sliced strawberries, fresh basil, sourdough or whole wheat

  • Tart apple, white cheddar, Black Forest bacon, sourdough or whole wheat

  • Flour tortilla, Monterey Jack, cheddar, roasted red peppers, chicken. Served with a side of sour cream & salsa

For Beginners

** V: Vegan  MP: Multiplayer – Portion sizes available from 1-4 players **

Long day? We have plenty of craft beer on tap — take your pick!

Need a jolt of caffeine to score the win? All of our coffee drinks are fresh, bold, and made to order.

12 oz / 16 oz / 20 oz

Hot Coffee